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Notes on HTTP/2

Someone at work today linked my team this talk by Brad Fitzpatrick which has a really great introduction to HTTP/2.


HTTP/2 is the most recent version of the HTTP specification. The original HTTP Spec was released in 1991 and defined a single GET keyword. You’d open a TCP socket to a remote server that spoke HTTP, pass GET and the document address (like GET /mydocument), and the web server would helpfully return the document you requested. That was it.


This worked pretty well for a while, but people realized it might be nice to use this same protocol to actually send material data the other way, from the client to the server. The HTTP/1.0 spec was released in 1996 and with it came the first notion of HTTP verbs. Rather than just GET and a document, you could POST some data to an endpoint using the same syntax.

HTTP/1.0 also defined the notion of status codes for...

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